Marquee Lighting Hire

We can provide lights for indoor and outdoor use that can help to create a unique ambience at any event.
  • Chandeliers - These decorative lights hang from the ceiling and give off plenty of light. Dimmer switches are available so that the lighting mood can be changed at the push of a button!
  • LED Light Batons have colour options so that you can select one of the available colour choices to match your theme!
  • LED Star cloth - A star cloth can add a new dimension to any event. It is a blackout cloth with integral twinkling LED lights.
  • Fairy Lights - A traditional string of warm white lights that create a sparkling effect, to transform any marquee.
  • 6' Fluorescent Tube Light - Ideal for catering areas where a 'well lit' work area is required.
  • Other options are available including pendant & festoon lighting