Marquee Lining Cleaning Service

We at All Undercover pride ourselves in providing a professional cleaning and drying service for all of your linings.

Our industrial washing and drying machines are equipped to wash and dry your linings to a high standard.

We cater for:

  • Walls
  • Roofs
  • Gables
  • Hip ends
  • Swags

All linings will receive a full survey on arrival for any damage prior to washing and we will contact you if you would like any repairs carried out by our skilled team.

You can deliver and collect from our main site or arrange your own courier service.

We are fully insured to cover all of your equipment when on our site.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team who will be happy to discuss your individual needs and answer any questions that you may have.

01487 840221

All Undercover Marquees T & C

These Terms & Conditions set out the relationship with the Customer and All Undercover Marquees Limited.

Due to the nature of our specialist cleaning process, All Undercover price lists are for guidance only and may vary depending on the condition of the linings, the delicacy of the fabric, whether the linings requires specialist attention. All Undercover will advise of the cost of cleaning the linings prior to undertaking the work and call you to advise if this lining(s) will incur a higher cost due to extra work which may need to be carried out.

We will make every endeavour to keep to your allocated collection time agreed, but we reserve the right to change it should your linings take additional time to clean and will tell you if we do so within a reasonable time.

It is the customer's responsibility to check their goods within 48 hours from collections or delivery, after such period All Undercover take no responsibility or liability for any damaged or missing goods.

Whilst every possible care will be taken when washing and drying the linings and our highly trained staff will ask relevant questions of our customers when bringing in linings for cleaning; it is the customer's responsibility to highlight specific cleaning, care instructions and total amounts to be cleaned. Please ensure that you remove any items from the linings which may cause damage (i.e. Staples, Nails etc).

Every effort will be made to remove stains from the material, however All Undercover cannot guarantee to remove all stains. Our customers will be appraised at the time of inspecting a lining, if we believe the removal of stain(s) may not be possible and it is our customer's decision to proceed or not at that point.

The wash/dry system used by All Undercover is extremely gentle and it is very rare for items to be damaged, but again, All Undercover will appraise the customer at the time of inspecting a lining if we believe there could be any risk of damage. It is the customer's decision to proceed or not at that point.

You are responsible for making suitable arrangements for collection of your lining(s) from our office. In the event that after collection your lining(s) is damaged or lost after being handed over to yourself or delegated person, we do not accept liability.