Marquee PVC Walls and Roof Cleaning

Have you ever wondered how we keep our PVC walls & roofs so clean?

Up until a few years ago, our marquee erectors would spend most of the off season in a barn, scrubbing roof after roof, wall after wall. Hardly the most exciting of jobs, but nevertheless an important one. To clean a 20m x 5m roof would have taken 2 men approximately 4 hours. And that's just one roof! Morale during the winter period would be at an all time low, due to the fact that the staff knew they would be scrubbing PVC for the next few weeks, possibly months.

So at the end of 2017 we decided to invest in a Havencrown Marquee Cleaning Machine.

These are made to order by a small private company based in Dorset. Their machines are designed to be as simple as possible, efficient & highly reliable.

Since purchasing our cleaning machine, we can now regularly clean all of our own stock, and have also taken on cleaning from other companies. We can either arrange collection and delivery, or our customers can organise the transportation themselves.

We can clean PVC up to 30m long. Providing the PVC is washed and dried correctly, it will last longer and look more professional.

And the 20m x 5m roof….. now just takes around 40 mins. What a game changer!

If you have a marquee that is in need of cleaning, please contact our office

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