PVC Bags For Marquee Roofs

New for 2020!

We know only too well how difficult it is to keep PVC clean, especially the roofs.

Well look no further, as we have designed a PVC bag that opens to 5m long. When the roof is unfolded, it is done on the bag itself and not the ground, therefore keeping it clean.

These can be made to suit 3m & 5m roofs, with handles either end for easy lifting, and rope lacing to secure it.

We have also made duffle bags, as seen in the pictures, holding a 9m x 6m Mega Uno roof , and a 6m x 6m Highlight roof.

If you are interested in All Undercover making PVC bags for you, please contact our office

PVC Marquee Roof Duffle bag 02.jpgPVC Marquee Roof Duffle bag 01.jpg

PVC Marquee Roof Bag Tie1.jpg

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