Temporary Structure Hire Help During Coronavirus Pandemic

2020 hasn't worked out quite as expected!

May should have been Ball season. June was The Cambridge Club Festival & school proms. Today we should have had structures up at the Royal Norfolk Show, and moving into August we had Carnivals & Festivals to prepare for, to name but a few. Sadly, this has not been the case. The event industry has been hit hard and will continue to struggle until we are allowed to operate in a way that is not limited by social distancing policies. Consequently, Festivals, Carnivals, & Balls have all been cancelled for 2020, but with the hope that they will come back bigger & better in 2021. Weddings, on the whole, have also been postponed until next year. In theory, 2021 should be a fantastic year!

We are currently erecting temporary structures to ensure companies can function in line with Social Distancing guidelines. We are helping pubs by erecting structures to enable more shelter for customers as they prepare to open. Companies who have had to increase their workforce since Coronavirus, have needed extra shelter for their employees' break & lunch times. We have helped other marquee companies with their structures, one of them unfortunately was having to put a marquee up over a temporary morgue. But we have all pulled together and helped each other out, and by doing so hopefully we can weather the storm.

So, if you require a temporary structure, from a MUTA accredited company, look no further than All Undercover Marquees Ltd. Please drop us an email sales@allundercover.co.uk and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

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Temporary Structure For Pub During Covid 19 Re Opening

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